Alderwood House Southlands

Thank you for your interest in Alderwood House Southlands - located at Dunbar and 48th in Vancouver. This FAQ page will hopefully answer most of your questions - for more information, you are welcome to contact This FAQ page was last updated on August 12, 2019

When are you planning on opening?

We hope to open October, 2019. Our opening date is dependent on the City of Vancouver upgrading the water main. In order to have sprinklers in the building, we need to upgrade the water access - and this time line is outside of our control. While we are hopeful that this will be completed over the summer (July - August 2019), we understand that it may take until sometime in the fall to have this complete. We are unable to complete our final licensing inspection until the water main has been upgraded.

What ages does your program serve?

Alderwood Southlands is planning on offering infant-toddler care. We have no minimum age requirement, but children developmentally must be walking, on one nap a day, and eating full solid foods prior to beginning.

Can I have a tour of Alderwood House Southlands?

Unfortunately, we are engaged in renovations throughout the summer. We will plan our first open house date for the fall (regardless of if we are open and operating at that time, or still waiting for the City to complete their work). Open House dates will be held 4 times a year after that. Open house dates are listed on our Facebook page and you can indicate your attendance through Facebook.

What are your operational hours and fees?

Our exact operational hours will be determined with the group of families registered. Our projected operational hours will be 7:30 - 5:30.

Our registration is full time (Monday - Friday), 2 days (Monday / Tuesday or Thursday/Friday) or 3 days (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday / Thursday / Friday)

As we are not yet licensed or approved for the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI), we are unable to confirm if Alderwood House Southlands will be approved for the CCFRI. We are anticipating our fees will be 1900.00 for full time care, and the 350.00 fee reduction initiative will be applied to that, leaving the parent-pay portion as 1550 for full time care. Fees will be confirmed once we have our operating license and are able to apply for the CCFRI. Alderwood House London was approved for the CCFRI prior to our participation in the Universal Child Care Prototype program and will be a part of CCFRI when the Prototype program ends.

We close two weeks at winter break and two weeks at spring break. We additionally have three non-instructional dates a year (October, February, June) for our Educators to complete professional development training.

Can you explain your tuition rates?

Our fees work to cover the cost of providing child care. This includes: lease payments, utilities, telecommunications, insurance, materials and supplies and fair-pay wages for our Educators. Our fees alone do not cover the entire cost of providing our child care program, and we are additionally dependent on the child care operating fund and grants and donations to continue our operations.

How do I join the waitlist?

At this time, we are accepting applicants to our waitlist. You can find our pre-opening waitlist application form here. There is no fee to join our pre-opening waitlist. Once we have offered out spaces for 2019/2020, we will contact all families on our pre-opening waitlist who were not offered a space and invite them to attend an open house. If, at that time, you wish to remain on our waitlist, our regular waitlist procedures applies: a 40.00 waitlist fee is required to join the waitlist at that time.

What is a fair-pay employer in child care?

A fair pay employer is one who pays wage parity with what an Educator would be paid to do a teaching job with the same education/training qualifications if they worked for the school district. BC is facing a shortage of Educators for child care and one area that ECE's are leaving childcare for is the school district - to work as strong start facilitators, EA's or primary teachers, due to the higher pay they would receive at the school district. Our Educators are fully qualified, many with elementary school teaching degrees, and in order to recruit and retain the top ECE's in the lower mainland, we pay at wage parity. While this leads to a higher cost of care, it also leads to lower teacher turnover and vastly higher quality care. All of our Educators hold their ECE and typically have their ITE/SNE licenses. Many of our Educators additionally hold BA, BEd, MA or MEd degrees.

What are your ratios?

We work at provincial ratios, which, for an infant-toddler program are 1 educator for every 4 children.

Do you accept children with additional support needs?

Yes! Alderwood believes in inclusive care and works under a trauma-informed practice model. If you have a child with additional support needs, please contact us directly at We are able to work together with IDP and other support agencies to determine if Alderwood House Southlands will be a good fit for your child, and, when a space comes available, plan together to ensure appropriate support is in place for your child.

Do you really go outside every day?

Yes. We go outside in the rain. In the snow. In the wind. We go outside every. single. day. If you are not comfortable with your child outside in all weather, Alderwood House Southlands is not the right program for your family. Upon registration, you will be provided with a recommended clothing list, to ensure your little one is dressed safely for all weather. After all, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing.